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First page of a new issue that I'm hoping to get done by APE time. Enjoy!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Lost in Space V3 #2 page 22-23

Well here's the last pages of issue 2 and the cover. I've done a small limited edition print of this issue that is available for $2.00, just email me if you're interested. I'll also be at the Crucial Fiction table at this year's Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco and you'll be able to get this as well as back issues of The Misadventures of the Small Time Drug Peddler.

This is obviously by no means the end and I'll be posting the pages of the next issue as I finish them. So keep checking back as the story unfolds. Thanks for reading!

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Lost in Space V3 #2 pages 15-19

special guest writer Collin